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Google Chromecast Review

By on 01/04/2014

chromecast reviewGoogle never wants to be behind on anything that’s innovative and technologically advance. With the launch of Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media play, they have cleared their intention of taking on Apple to make the most comprehensive set of gadgets that can be used in a living room. Today, we’re going to present to you Google Chromecast review to help you understand if it’s worth-buying or not.


Physical Appearance

Unlike other video streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku 3 – which are boxes – Chromecast is a small dongle like a Pen drive that works in conjunction with Android devices. It has no USB port or an Ethernet port that you can use to connect your other devices or Internet for that matter. It works totally on wireless Internet.

Weighing around 35gm, Chromecast contains just one button and can be plugged into your HDMI socket of your television. And, since it cannot be charged via HDMI, you’ll have to charge it using a USB-to-micro-USB charger or a wall socket.


Setting up Chromecast is extremely simple. Once you connect it to your television, it displays the setup screen and turns its Wi-Fi- network. All you have to do is configure your home Wi-Fi after you connect it to your computer or any other mobile device that uses Android or iOS.

Once set up, you can start using it to play your favorite videos from Google Play, YouTube and Netflix on your HD TV. You can also display your Google Chrome browser items on your television with the help of a Chrome add-on. Again, it’s dead simple toset your browser up for it.

Devices It Is Compatible With

One of the biggest disadvantages of Google Chromecast is that it does not have remote control. It is mandatory to have another device to control – be it your iOS, Android or Windows devicesOR your computer (Mac or PC).

What I liked about Chromecast is that it does stream videos directly from your device. It just receives signals from yourdevice and streams the video from the cloud. You can continue to use your device for any other purpose if you like while the video plays.

You can control thedongle with multiple devices at once. For example, you can play a particular video via your Samsung Galaxy, then you can pause it with your Samsung Tab if you’d like.

It does not involve a lot of complications connecting other devices to the dongle and playing it. The guests in your house can use their own iPhone, connect to your Wi-Fi and can playtheir favorite videos with their Netflix accounts. So switching accounts is not complicated either.



It is priced at just $35.00 – almost three times lesser than Apple TV or Roku 3.

Chromecast Review Verdict:

To conclude, should you go for it or not is a difficult question at this point of time because Google is just adding more content sources. Presently, it is limited to YouTube, Netflix, your Chrome browser and few other sources. But due to the price of $35.00 it is definitely worth-checking. 

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